Fee Schedule

Rate per hour (HK$)
Senior Consultant
Rate per hour (HK$)
HK Primary 4 / UK Year 5 / US Grade 4 and below 620 780
HK Primary 5 to Secondary 2 / UK Years 6 – 9 / US Grades 5 – 8 Includes preparation for typical school entrance exams and pre-tests e.g. CAT 4, ISEB, UKISET, SSAT 680 850
HK Secondary 3 & 4 / UK Years 10 & 11 / US Grades 9 & 10
e.g. HKDSE, IB MYP and Diploma preparatory years, (I)GCSE, SAT
730 900
HK Secondary 5 & 6 / UK Years 12 & 13 / US Grades 11 & 12
e.g. HKDSE, IB Diploma, A-levels, AP and SAT II
800 990
University Level Tuition N/A 1,150
Shared Lessons (max. 2 students) 540 ea. 610 ea.
Larger Group Lessons   Upon enquiry. Contact us.
Effective from 30th September 2022 | Hong Kong FirstClass Academy Tutorial School 


  • Invoices will be sent at the end of each month. Payment should be made immediately upon receipt of the invoice.
  • Students booking lessons during holidays will be invoiced in advance and payment must be received prior to commencement of lessons. Such lessons may not be cancelled once booked and confirmed. Please refer to the Refund Policies and Procedures.
  • Where any given invoice remains unpaid at the end of a calendar month, a late payment charge of HK$100.00 will be charged for each calendar month the invoice remains outstanding.
  • The Company reserves the right for repeated late payers to be charged in advance (please refer to the Refund Policies and Procedures) or have lessons permanently cancelled.
  • Please refer to our Cancellation Policy for full details on procedures and arrangements for cancellation of lessons or arrangements in the event that a student falls ill prior to a lesson.
  • Please refer to our Weather Warning Guidelines for our policy during Adverse Weather conditions.
  • If a student does not attend 75% of lessons in a three-month period, without due cause, tuition will be withdrawn without prior notice.