Study in Hong Kong

Syllabus-based tuition is provided for students studying:

– All levels of International Baccalaureate (PYP, MYP and Diploma)
– GCSE, IGCSE and A-Levels
– Hong Kong Examinations, the HKDSE syllabus

As the majority of our students continue their education at university we assist them with their applications and with formal examinations such as the SAT/SAT II.

We have also assisted many students in their preparations for the Hong Kong Speech Festival, debating competitions, writing competitions and outstanding student awards.

Going overseas

We also prepare students for Common Entrance Examinations (CEE) and Examinations to specific private schools such as Winchester and Cheltenham Ladies in the UK and Choate-Rosemary Hall in the US. Inclusive of the tuition fees are mock examinations. We will assist and manage the registration process for CEE and we also conduct and invigilate the examinations for our students at our facility.

For students preparing for the CEE and examinations to specific private schools, we may insist that any and all tuition be conducted at FirstClass in order to ensure that a student is completely prepared for the examinations and encounters as little stress as possible.

Assistance in preparing for school and university entrance interviews is also one of our services. We will conduct mock interviews, covering potential interview topics, body language, tone of voice and demeanour.

We also provide tuition during holiday time for students returning from schools and universities overseas.

Free of Charge Assessment Lesson

Available to pre-Secondary students only

For the younger students in this assessment, we identify the particular requirements of the student and then formulate a study programme specifically for the individual. We endeavour to provide solid foundations on which they can build their future education.

For older students and those preparing for CEE or private school examinations, we identify the particular requirements of the student in relation to the published syllabus for the courses they are studying.  All tutors follow the published syllabus and requirements for secondary school students and students preparing for private school examinations, hence an assessment lesson is considered unnecessary, however each tutor will tailor their lessons to the specific need of the individual or group of students that they are working with.

Our Team

Our Principal

All our academic services are overseen by our renowned Principal, Neil Foreman.

With decades of experience in education and with prolific knowledge of the education systems throughout the world, Neil ensures that our school provides a FirstClass academic and counselling service to all our students and their parents/guardians.

Past students and parents/guardians can affirm that Neil is the best in providing the guidance and support that the modern students require to succeed academically from primary through to university. 

Our Vice-Principal

Our Vice-Principal, James Skelton, supports our Principal in ensuring our academic services are FirstClass and provides a particular focus on the sciences and mathematics areas of school curriculum.

James also brings decades of experience in education and knowledge of the education systems throughout the world to our school.

James is one of the most popular science and maths educational consultants in Hong Kong.

Our Educational Consultants

All our educational consultants have Bachelor degrees and most are educated at a post-graduate level.

They also have extensive experience in the provision of tutorials services, revision course delivery and academic counselling and support.

We invite students and parents/guardians to communicate closely with our Educational Consultants to obtain the best from our service.


We are also able to source tuition for any other subject areas upon request




English Language

English Literature

English as a Second Language

General Studies




Liberal Studies


Performing Arts


Public Speaking

Religious Education



Please complete the Student Info Form and return to our centre if you would like to schedule lessons.